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Margeaux Nething Headshot.jpeg

Margeaux is a USA Today bestselling ghostwriter and mystery author.


She has written for various genres, from fashion reporting to restaurant reviews, but her passion lies in storytelling. After graduating from the University of Chicago with degrees in English Literature, Theater, and German, she spent 6 years traveling Asia and writing her first mystery novel.


Previously, she worked as a ghostwriter for Scholastic, covering video game strategy guides and novelizations for critically-acclaimed franchises that were featured on the USA Today Best-Selling Books List. As a staff writer for the Parcast Network, she produced scripts for historical, true crime, and supernatural podcast episodes. Additionally, Margeaux contributed film and TV reviews as a staff writer with Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources. Her writing has also been published on BuzzFeed and in Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Currently, Margeaux is editing and preparing her first mystery novel for pitching and writing her second. She is also ghostwriting a women's fiction book about gym culture.


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